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Search Engine Submission and Search Engine Placements.

There is really no point in getting your information on-line if no one knows about it, or if you can not be found in the search results of major search engines.

The goal of the Internet is to attract potential customers to your product via your Web Site, to ensure that they return to your page regularly to look for new products and special offers, to build client awareness of your company, its products and its function.

Approach your Internet business in much the same way you would approach the starting of any other buiness - with in depth market research, an assessment of your own skills and interests and a sound business plan.

Our Web Site Promotion Service is based on the best international search engine submission practices, our approach is adaptable to the needs of clients who wish to focus on either South Africa, or the international Internet market, or both.

We don't just submit your site. In order to achieve results we need to evaluate your current Web Site first to determine if the site is "search engine friendly" we will then suggest improvements. Many Web Sites have serious design and content faults.

These include:

  Meta tag faults - prevents search engines from listing the site.
  Failure to match keywords with content.
  Lack of sufficient content.
  Web sites designed in "frames" that hide content from search engines.
  Failure to customise meta tags for each important page.

Our Submission Packages are designed to provide low cost but effective exposure to high quality, high traffic search engines that will see increased numbers of visitors viewing your Web Site.

Submission Packages

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We optimise and submit to the major or local search engines in specific countries/regions or Industry specific search engines - please send us your requirement and we will research and recommend individually, based on the specific criteria.

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