Able Apple are creative facilitators, where technology is seen as a means of connecting people. As an independant multifunctional company we have established strong connections of trust and understanding within our partner network of highly accomplished developers and designers. It is this network of highly skilled and talented individuals and companies working in synergy. This forms the backbone of Able Apple, and the reason for its success.
Able Apple's objective is to offer small to medium businesses with affordable solutions. 
With Vision and Ability we strive for service excellence and customer satisfaction.


Able Publishing cc trading as
Able Apple was established in Johannesburg August 1998 as an Internet, Electronic and Desktop Publishing company, producing Design orientated solutions with full graphic design facilities for the production of Traditional Print Media Layout & Designs, Multimedia presentations and static Web Sites with limited integration. In May 1999 the company was moved down to Cape Town where creative inspirations could be found all around. Cape Town formed the base for our partner network of freelance developers and designers.

The increasing market penetration of new technologies, like SMS-Text messaging, DVD and others, along with the rapid advancement and decrease in cost of older technologies such as Internet, Database, Video and Sound have created opportunities for the use of different technologies dynamically in all spheres of business today: marketing, communication, finance, sales, human resources etc.

A demand now exists for products and services that can run businesses dynamically on-line: communicating with markets, understanding customer bases, increasing productivity and developing a competitive advantage to meet consumer demands.

With the above in mind, it was decided that Able Apple will reposition itself with strong partnershipsTo deliver on our objectives we have developed and are continuing to grow a network infrastructure of companies and/or individuals with relevant skills and expertise to deliver a complete suite of products and services.

Service Ability:
Our services range from the design, development and implementation of:

Below the Line Communication:
Point of Promotion Software, Video and Photography, DVD/CD Development, SMS-Text messaging communications, E-Mail newsletter

Traditional Media:

Corporate Imaging, Design, Print and Advertising.

Web Services:
Design, Marketing and Hosting

Software Development:
Database, ASP, PHP, Data Capture, Flash